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In art school, there was a notion to think the process of interdisciplinarity and collaborative quest as an orchestra — to imagine ourselves in a group playing a melody together. What makes a good sound? How do we negotiate that as a group? Is there a context for this type of practice — for the choices we make? Why do we choose this medium? Is it sustainable? Why are we concerned about sustainability? What are the implications of this work? How do I communicate with my group? Why do we communicate in this way?

In the process of building a collective, one should overcome the urge to rush. Very natural seems to be the need to skip the long hours of training — or thinking — and naturally perform this incredible concert. But, truth is persistence, and the willingness to work passionately are two unmissable notes of the melody.

Read more on the sound we make here.

You’ll find detailed profiles of our members on this page soon. We’ll put this part asap – promised! Meanwhile, check out our projects here.

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