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In art school, there was a notion to think the process of interdisciplinarity and collaborative quest as an orchestra — to imagine ourselves in a group playing a melody together. What makes a good sound? How do we negotiate that as a group? Is there a context for this type of practice — for the choices we make? Why do we choose this medium? Is it sustainable? Why are we concerned about sustainability? What are the implications of this work? How do I communicate with my group? Why do we communicate in this way?

In the process of building a collective, one should overcome the urge to rush. Very natural seems to be the need to skip the long hours of training — or thinking — and naturally perform this incredible concert. But, truth is persistence, and the willingness to work passionately are two unmissable notes of the melody.

Read more on the sound we make here.

You’ll find detailed profiles of our members on this page soon. We’ll put this part asap – promised! Meanwhile, check out our projects here.

Rime Cheraï

Rime has a finance and economy background. After graduating from Toulouse Business School and the Universitat Politècnica de Cataluña, and working in a few financial institutions, Rime decided to focus on the value creation, growth and, phases of development. Passionate by research, she pivoted toward design. While studying at the Royal College of Art in […]

Moritz Dittrich

Born and raised in the suburban sprawl of Dortmund, a half a million city in east of the industrial Ruhr-Region in Germany, Moritz first earned a Bachelor of Science in Architecture Degree at the Bauhaus University in Weimar and later a Master of Research in Architecture Degree at the Royal College of Art in London. […]

Jonathan Gayomali, AIA, NOMA

Jon is an architect from Long Beach, CA currently living in Brooklyn, NY. He received his professional architecture degree from Cal Poly Pomona and UCLA where he earned his second professional architecture degree under the guidance of architect Neil Denari. Since then, he has practiced at the offices of Brooks + Scarpa Architects as well as Lorcan O’HerlihyArchitects. […]

Nuria Benítez

Nuria is an architect from Mexico City, exploring intersections between design, craft, society, space and urban theory in the everyday. She focuses on enhancing a collaborative practice and in the co-creation of projects of various sorts: sometimes art, or research, social development and snippets of knowledge. She is interested in employing art and design creative processes as […]

Kiproula Bartzoka

Kiproula graduated from the University of Aegean as a product and system design engineer. Intrigued by AI, robots, and their implication in the design field, she pursued her academic curriculum with a masters of research in design at The Royal College of Art. While at RCA, Kiproula has been exploring the future of human-robots interaction, and its multiple […]